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Answer the Call

This morning I opened the Daily Word, and the message for today? “Answer the Call”. Reading the article, I was reminded of a song I wrote 20 years ago. I was in the midst of recording my first “secular” album in 1998 (I had released “Contemporary Christian” music only up till that point — long story short, I was kicked out of my church when I came out as lesbian; doing more christian music was not a viable career option at that point). It was a big time of transition for sure. I don’t remember how it came about, but I was invited by the University of Hawaii marketing team to write a song for an upcoming ad campaign to promote the Community Colleges. No specific theme provided, they just wanted something “inspirational”. Since I was in the midst of BIG changes in my life, and also ‘answering the call’ to move in a whole new direction personally and musically, that idea itself seemed a good place to start. I wrote “Answer to a Call”.

In today’s DW, I read: “…I listen to the divine whispers of my heart. If I hear any doubt, I open to guidance. I honor any feelings of divine discontent, for these may be the driving factor that urges me forward and gives me the courage to step out in faith. I let go of any doubt or fear. I let go of any thought of limitation or unworthiness. I trust. I know that as I answer the call of my heart, all is in divine order.”

This was SO TRUE for me at a critical time in my life. I really was stepping out in faith, letting go of doubt and fear on a moment-to-moment basis. I am so grateful to have listened to the ‘divine whispers of my heart’. That the song resonated, that “Every Dream is a Possibility” became and UH award-winning Ad Campaign, that the “Slender Line of Lavender” album went on to receive a Hawaii Music Award that year — well, that was icing on the cake. The cake itself? The exhilarating experience of answering the call (even if I was unsure what it was all gonna look like, where it was all leading). My friends, as you listen to the divine whispers of your heart, what do you hear? Breathe. May you trust. May you know you are limitless and worthy. May you answer the call. YOU ARE AN ANSWER to a call. YOU GOT THIS.

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Kim-Char & Chelley

Kim-Char & Chelley

ABOUT KIM-CHAR:  In a music career that has spanned nearly 30 years and over 17 albums, Kim-Char Meredith is perhaps indie music’s best kept secret. Meredith’s first five independent albums nabbed three Na Hoku Hano Hano Award nominations (Hawaii’s version of the Grammy) and a Gay and Lesbian American Music Award (GLAMA); Meredith was honored with a Hawaii Music Award for “Favorite Pop Recording Artist” for her cd release, Slender Line of Lavender; her other projects (“Give and Take,” co-produced with the Grammy nominated production team at Hobo House on the Hill; “Paper Knife,” and the “SpiritRise” series …) continue to garner praise. Whether playing a music fest, place or worship, intimate venue or large arena, Meredith is a refreshing burst of contagious energy who delivers: she joyfully connects with, and thoroughly entertains, each audience.  For the past ten years, Kim-Char has also joyfully served in music ministry, currently as Musc Director at Unity in Naperville (IL).

ABOUT CHELLEY: Chelley was a presenter at TEXxDayton in 2015, incorporating music and message (and costume changes) on the topic of police-community relations (  Chelley is a regular presenter in the positive music industry.  Her music career began by banging on a Quaker Oatmeal box at the age four. For years, Chelley studied music, practice conducting, took piano lessons and wrote marching band drills. She marched in the world champion Garfield Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and majored in music education at Miami University of Ohio… then she, of course, became a Police Officer! Now, after a 25-year law enforcement career, Chelley is back to music.  She has been a member of the band Frozen Feet from Dayton, Ohio for nearly 20 years, had conducted various church choirs and now has released her very first solo cd, Brave Enough.

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June 24 at Unity in Naperville

Growing up I LOVED church. At the age of 7, I began writing songs about my personal relationship with God, songs that I sometimes got to sing on Sundays in front of the congregation! As I grew older I picked up the guitar and eventually joined the church’s music team. Being able to sing and express the awesomeness of Spirit with others has been my passion ever since. 

However, In 1996, when I “came out” as a lesbian, my then-pastor decided to “release” me from the music team I was on at the time, as well as from the other ministries I was involved in. My church ‘family’ quickly fell away. I was crushed. The experience left me feeling like I would never be welcomed into a spiritual community again. Quite frankly, I was so hurt, I was unsure I even wanted to find another spiritual community. Eventually, I found my home at Unity in Naperville. 

I hope you’ll join me and my musical partner Chelley Seibert on June 24 at Unity in Naperville (yup, in a church!) as we share music and message. In addition to my personal journey, we share about Pride-ing, not hiding… about honoring your authentic self while discovering your highest self… about learning and growing with others in safe and supportive spiritual community. Hope to see you there! In harmony, K-C