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Kim-Char and Tama Kieves

In a music career that has spanned over 35 years and 17 albums, Kim-Char Meredith is perhaps indie music’s best kept secret. Not that her talents have gone unnoticed: Meredith is a Hawaii Music Award winner (“Favorite Pop Recording Artist”)  whose projects and heart-centered performances continue to garner praise. She is a singer-songwriter who “holds nothing back… she plays a mean guitar and can sing her a*! off.” (Ink19)

Whether playing a music festival or church, intimate venue or large arena, Meredith is a refreshing burst of contagious energy who delivers: she joyfully connects with, and throughly entertains, each audience.  “Diversity of style, range, power, emotion, and a beautiful voice — Meredith has it all… when she opened for Melissa Etheridge… at the Blaisdell Arena…perhaps the best concert pairing of the year.” – Honolulu Star-Bulletin

In addition to serving as Creative/Music Director at Unity in Naperville for the past decade, Meredith regularly performs and speaks, both as a solo artist and also in partnership with the talented Chelley Seibert. Meredith is co-founder and co-owner of Pahzee Studio / MPAKT Music & Media LLC.


CD Review: Paper Knife (All Music) – AllMusic.com
Something very exciting usually happens when a spiritual “secular” artist applies his or her powerful trademarks to a more God-centered project. In the case of edgy and gritty, powerhouse indie singer/songwriter Kim-Char Meredith, the bracing experience of her album Give and Take is simply taken to a higher level. Around the time of Paper Knife’s release, Meredith received glowing praise for her opening performance for Melissa Etheridge in Honolulu, and in many ways, the indie rocker and the superstar are similar. Not simply in their jangling, guitar driven acoustic to electric rock approach and crisp, sandpaper raw vocals, but spiritually as well. Etheridge has brilliantly explored the themes of spiritual awakening and healing on albums like Skin and The Awakening, and Meredith simply approaches these themes a little more boldly in the name of Jesus. Paper Knife is a rousing celebration of faith and the healing hand of God in our lives and relationships. The key word in the rolling blues rocker title track is “healing,” while the slightly more folksy and contemplative “Created for Communion” is about overcoming the separation between God and herself. “Tear Down High Places” can be appreciated just as a catchy rocker, but she’s urging the listener to remove all other gods and focus on the Heart of Worship. From there, she moves between tender and heartfelt ballads (love songs to the ultimate Healer) like “Restore the Love” (very much in the vein of Etheridge’s “Heal Me”), and powerful expressive rockers like the gospel flavored “Stand,” which would make a great contemporary worship tune. Meredith achieves something truly magical in bringing such a heartfelt songwriting and production approach to simple yet emotionally compelling love songs to the Lord. Fans of secular indie rock might not be ready for the deeper meanings of the lyrics, but they would find it hard to resist Meredith’s many explosive musical charms.

Concert Review: New York City – Robert Urban Productions
Kim Char Meredith – Live at Meow Mix Club, NYC

“This is what’s fun about working in music and experiencing new talent. I get to predict.

“I’m not sure how many out there have yet heard of singer/songwriter/guitarist KIM CHAR MEREDITH, but I’m betting that within two years her name will be a household word. This gal is WAY-elligible for bona-fide, rock royalty stardom.

“Watching Kim onstage, one can sense how well she could play to an arena size crowd – she gives off that much energy. But more important – she is so magnanimous a performer that, even in a small rock club, she makes the audience feel as tho they ARE an arena size crowd. Sleekly dressed in black jeans & black tee-shirt, and algow with a take-no-prisoners, no-nonsense star-quality, Kim Char took the stage at our Meow Mix show as if on camera, and during her performance seemed to look every audience member in the eye. She gave us her all, and held nothing back.

“With a pitch-perfect voice that goes EVERYWHERE, Kim sings in a variety of rock styles. Her songs’ lyric/subject matter includes motherhood; indigenous hawaiian culture (per her home state); women’s issues and good ol’ rock ‘n roll fun.

“In the 50-plus-year-old world of acoustic rock music, it sometimes seems like all the guitar-based song possiblities & all the acoustic guitar instrumental approaches have been exhausted. In lesser talents I often hear little more than rehashes of ideas that were original way back in the ’60s.

“Not so with this musician. Exuding effervescence and even a wry humor, Kim Char plays the guitar like it was just invented – and like she’s had the first crack at being creative on it before anyone else. Her guitar technique is absolutely top notch pro – she’s a master player. Furthermore, her song constructions, chord changes, finger-picking style, riffs, dynamism and sheer attack on the instrument are all utterly original. She manages to write fine, authentic songs with hit potential that sound derivative of no one but herself.”

Reviewed by R. Urban, Urban Productions


“Kim Char dazzles audiences with her powerful voice and heartfelt songwriting…” – Tiffany Petrossi, Rockin’ Moms.com

To read the full “Featured Artist” interview, go to: http://www.rockinmoms.com/rockinmoms/featuredkcm.htm


CD Review: Give and Take – Honolulu Advertiser
… Her original songs have reach and expansive appeal… this one is produced by Grammy-nominated Hobo House on the Hill.
… “You Want In,” “Language of My Love,” Mystery of You” and “Fly” have seductive appeal. “Sunrise to Sunrise” is a particular joy to embrace, reflecting the essence of her soul.
– Wayne Harada

Concert Review (St Louis) – Belleview News-Democrat
“Meredith was a dynamo, moving, swaying and dancing, while coaxing some great sounds from her acoustic guitar…”

CD Review: Give and Take – Collected Sounds
Make no mistake, she doesn’t sound like any other singer I can think of, but she deserves to be categorized with some hard-hitting rock stars…Her music is funky and direct and–well–it pulses. Breathes. It’s alive. Now, let’s all say a quick prayer of thanks for independent music.


CD Review: Give and Take – Outsmart Magazine
“…Meredith gives you 10 reasons why she’s one of Hawaii’s most popular artists on her latest CD, Give and Take. From the vulnerability of “You Want In” to the triumphant anthem “Sunrise to Sunrise” and the gorgeous “Language of My Love,” Meredith holds nothing back. Give and Take simply begs to be discovered.”

CD Review: Give and Take – Music Dish
After listening to this fine album twice and then watching her video of “You Want In,” I became firmly convinced that if this woman gets the opportunities that she deserves she could very well become a diva that the entire world will know about in a very short time…

CD Review: Give and Take – All Music Guide
Meredith is definitely an artist deserving of greater exposure…”Take Me on the Road” is an enlightening burst of adventure..