Moonshadow, Grateful Hunter Extraordinaire

Wassup with my cat?  Last week, he brought a mouse into the house, presented it to us in the living room.  The panicked critter made a beeline for behind the tv at first opportunity.  Then, last night, Moonshadow brings us another offering — a baby bunny.  Same deal, deposited it on the floor in the living room, right […]

I wanna grow up to be the HUG LADY!

Was a bit impulsive and crazy last night and decided to drive back to Chicago-area after the NSAI pitch-to-publisher event in Nashville (big howdy to a few of the other writers I had a chance to meet last night: Mark Box, Harry James and Sarah Popejoy). Pulled into my driveway at 3:45am this morning (about […]

Mylo ‘n Me

Sitting here on my front porch fiddlin’ with a little gadget I just picked up on Ebay — a Sony Mylo. About the size of a T-Mobile Sidekick, Mylo connects to an available wifi network and allows you to send email, use it as a phone (with your Skype account), instant message, listen to music… […]

Pitching in Nashville – SWING BATTA BATTA…

Aloha, As you can tell, I’m starting with a clean slate — that’ right, got a brand-spankin’ new blog(site) for ya! The new blog’s name caused Jordan to wince and Parker to shake his head and sigh… but I think it’s cute! Early next week I’ll be back in Nashville to work on some Christmas […]