June 24 at Unity in Naperville

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Growing up I LOVED church. At the age of 7, I began writing songs about my personal relationship with God, songs that I sometimes got to sing on Sundays in front of the congregation! As I grew older I picked up the guitar and eventually joined the church’s music team. Being able to sing and express the awesomeness of Spirit with others has been my passion ever since. 

However, In 1996, when I “came out” as a lesbian, my then-pastor decided to “release” me from the music team I was on at the time, as well as from the other ministries I was involved in. My church ‘family’ quickly fell away. I was crushed. The experience left me feeling like I would never be welcomed into a spiritual community again. Quite frankly, I was so hurt, I was unsure I even wanted to find another spiritual community. Eventually, I found my home at Unity in Naperville. 

I hope you’ll join me and my musical partner Chelley Seibert on June 24 at Unity in Naperville (yup, in a church!) as we share music and message. In addition to my personal journey, we share about Pride-ing, not hiding… about honoring your authentic self while discovering your highest self… about learning and growing with others in safe and supportive spiritual community. Hope to see you there! In harmony, K-C

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