Kim-Char Meredith

June 24 at Unity in Naperville

Growing up I LOVED church. At the age of 7, I began writing songs about my personal relationship with God, songs that I sometimes got to sing on Sundays in front of the congregation! As I grew older I picked up the guitar and eventually joined the church’s music team. Being able to sing and express the awesomeness of Spirit with others has been my passion ever since. 

However, In 1996, when I “came out” as a lesbian, my then-pastor decided to “release” me from the music team I was on at the time, as well as from the other ministries I was involved in. My church ‘family’ quickly fell away. I was crushed. The experience left me feeling like I would never be welcomed into a spiritual community again. Quite frankly, I was so hurt, I was unsure I even wanted to find another spiritual community. Eventually, I found my home at Unity in Naperville. 

I hope you’ll join me and my musical partner Chelley Seibert on June 24 at Unity in Naperville (yup, in a church!) as we share music and message. In addition to my personal journey, we share about Pride-ing, not hiding… about honoring your authentic self while discovering your highest self… about learning and growing with others in safe and supportive spiritual community. Hope to see you there! In harmony, K-C

We need your help!

There’ s just something about holding a physical cd in your hot little hands, isn’t there?!? Sure, we could simply offer ‘digital downloads’, but it’s JUST NOT THE SAME!

Okay, so…

You may have seen that Chelley and I have been working on a new album together… We decided to do this because at every show we’ve done together, people have consistently  asked, “Where can I get your cd?”

Sadly, we had no joint cd to offer… Sigh…

Until now that is!!!

When you pre-order our first-ever joint album (“Wait, Are We Recording This?!?”) you’re also helping pay the initial manufacturing cost.

We are  immensely grateful for your support and for all of you who have already pre-ordered!

The project is  a “LIVE” recording that  captures the sound and raw energy of our tour performances.

Chelley is as playful and percussive as ever,  I’m pounding that guitar, both of us singing our hearts out 🙂

We cannot wait to share this project with you!

Anticipated release: Mid-March 2018


Happy Anniversary Cindy!

My love – you’ve inspired many a song throughout these 21 years together!

For you and our family and friends, here is a bakers dozen of ’em… I start this playlist dedicated to you with ‘Dreamscape’ and conclude with ‘Always Will’… there’s a whole lot of growing together and loving together in between… Thank you for being the muse of my music. xoxoxoxo