Ready to Write? Let’s Do It!

SpiritRise Monthly Songwriting Workshops (Naperville)

NAPERVILLE, IL (2019) –  Join Kim-Char Meredith for a two-hour workshop that includes songwriting exercises and co-writing a song by the end of our time together (really)!  No experience necessary.  Please note: Primary focus of this series of monthly workshops is on lyric writing (although we will write full songs, including melodies).   Check back for future workshops that will focus on melody, song structure and use of various tools in the songwriter’s toolkit.

Each workshop limited to six participants, so register early! Participants encouraged to bring ideas, articles, etc. related to the identified theme.

Meeting at MPAKT Studio (Kim-Char’s) in Naperville (near 75th & Washington). Address will be provided to registrants, along with other related information. You will receive a confirmation email within one week of submitting your registration. If we are not able to accommodate your requested date, we will also let you know.

Sign up on Sundays in the Front Room at Unity in Naperville (1600 Shore Road, Unit C), or register now online (form below). IMPORTANT: Each class requires a separate registration. Limit of 2 classes per 3-month period.   Questions? Please email Kim-Char using the form below…

2019 Unity in Naperville Workshops / Exploration of the 12 Powers):
Jul 24 (Wed)7p – 9p“WILL” MPAKT Studio, Naperville
Aug 28 (Wed)7p – 9p“ORDER” MPAKT Studio, Naperville
Sep 25 (Wed)7p – 9p“ZEAL” MPAKT Studio, Naperville
Oct 23 (Wed)7p – 9p“ELIMINATION” MPAKT Studio, Naperville
Nov 20 (Wed)7p – 9p“LIFE” MPAKT Studio, Naperville
Dec 11 (Wed)7p – 9p“FAITH” MPAKT Studio, Naperville

Register (or ask a question) - please email using the form below: